Service designer


I am a service designer with over five years of experience.

I'm almost a master in service design and I have specialized in psychological safety and empathy.

I have a background in psychiatric healthcare.

Recent Projects

Synnyttäjien oikeudet ry

Working with the board and the visions of the future. We created a road map to self-evident birth rights.

City of Kajaani

Workshop for "Alive and communal Kajaani".

most talked

Empathy map for experiences

As part of the Handbook of experience management for Beyond arctic I created an empathy map to create unforgettable experiences.

Workbook for divorced families

To put children's well-being at the center.

"I'm a mother and an activist who stands for justice. My strengths are designing the future and well-being of people - especially the ones without

a voice."

See my more detailed portfolio here.

Work with Me

Short, long, new, hard, emotional, exciting, naive...







Also an artist

Check my art portfolio here!

Drop Shadow

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